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Administration options in the Network Config and Phone Settings menus are hidden by default to ensure that users do not make changes that can affect the operation of the phone. You need to start the administration mode on the phone in order to use the options.

Start the Administration Mode on the Phone Complete these steps in order to open the administration options on the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 so that you can access the hidden options on the Phone menu:

Press the Menu softkey.

Press  * (the star key). Press  # (the pound key), and then press  # (the pound key) again.

Press the green  green.jpg key to open the administration mode.

Note: Power cycle the phone or press any of these keys while in the first level submenu and then press the green key to hide the options:

any key between 0 and 9

* key

# key


Reset the Cisco 7920 Wireless IP Phone to the Factory Default

Complete these steps in order to reset the Cisco 7920 Wireless IP phone to the factory default:

Choose Menu > Phone Settings > Factory Default.

The phone displays the Restore to Default? message.

Press the OK softkey. All settings are deleted.

Choose Menu > Network Config in order to reconfigure the network settings for your WLAN.