• Motorola WS5100 Series Switch LED Codes

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    The WS5100 has two vertically-stacked LEDs on its front panel. The LEDs display three colors (blue, amber, and red), and three lit states (solid, blinking, and off). The following tables decode the combinations of LED colors and states.

    Start Up

    Event Top LED Bottom LED
    Power Off Off Off
    Power On Self Test (POST) running All colors in rotation All colors in rotation
    POST succeeded Blue solid Blue solid



    Event Top LED Bottom LED
    Active (Continually Adopting Access Ports) Blue blinking Blue solid
    No License to Adopt Amber blinking Amber blinking



    Event Top LED Bottom LED
    Active (Failed Over and Adopting Ports) Blue blinking Blue blinking
    Active (Not Failed Over) Blue blinking Amber solid


    Error Codes

    Event Top LED Bottom LED
    POST failed (critical error) Red blinking Red blinking
    Software initialization failed Amber solid  

    Country code not configured.

    Note: During the first setup, the LEDs

    will remain in this state until the

    country code is configured.

    Amber solid Amber blinking
    No access ports have been adopted Blue blinking Amber blinking