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    File Date: 31 Mar 2015


    Problems Resolved in in Pulse5.0R10

    Problem Report Number Description
    PRS-322849 Pulse is sending a reconnect message every 5 seconds in L2 connection when the user disjoins the domain.
    PRS-322041 Pulse may crash when choosing the option to “Forget Saved Settings” when uninstalling Pulse on a Mac OS X client.
    PRS-321099 Pulse cannot handle 802.1x authentication on devices that have configured virtual NICs.
    PRS-315232 EAPHost packets may be fragmented when using Host Checker.
    PRS-199150 Incorrect error message is displayed in Pulse for revoked certificate when doing certificate authentication.
    PRS-322740 Pulse may not connect if pre-signin notifications are configured.
    PRS-320935 SSL transport may be unduly slow when large packets are sent.
    PRS-318910 SSL transport for Pulse is noticeably slower than Network Connect.


    Problems Resolved in Pulse5.0R9

    Problem Report Number Description
    PRS-319255 Pulse 802.1x connections fail when password expiration messages are displayed.
    PRS-318525 When using machine authentication AND single user session, changing network type may trigger disconnects.
    PRS-316212 Enabling wireless suppression on a connection set may cause excessive eap3host.exe processes to be spawned on clients that do not have permission to change NIC state.
    PRS-315530 Connecting on a cellular data connection may prevent access to protected resources on Windows 8.1.
    PRS-257980 Pulse Credential Provider tile “Other User” should display the Pulse icon on Windows 7.
    PRS-320072 Session start script to map network drives may fail to launch.


    Problems Resolved in Pulse5.0R8

    Problem Report Number Description
    PRS-317884 When the IC and SRX use IPSEC with 802.1x and a user moves between standard access and remediation access roles, JNPRNS will retain the previous IP.
    PRS-318538 JNPRNS installation triggers BSOD on Vista; starting with Pulse 5.0R8, JNPRNA will be installed again.
    PRS-315756 The Pulse client on Mac OS shows only 6 configured Pulse Connection sets.
    PRS-315426 If “Search device DNS only” is set on a connection profile used by Pulse a Windows machine may require 1+ minutes to complete login after hard power off.
    PRS-318833 Pulse may not resume the VPN session correctly after an active/cluster node failover.
    PRS-309684 Pulse may reconnect after a user signs out from the browser when SSL acceleration is enabled.


    Problems Resolved in Pulse5.0R7

    Problem Report Number Description
    PRS-317942 Self-upgrade of JIS prompts for admin credentials.
    PRS-316630 Pulse customization tool (Branding tool) is not working with latest Junos Pulse client on Mac OS X
    PRS-316089 Pulse start up can be delayed when unreachable network drive is in PATH system variable
    PRS-315986 Junos Pulse does not prompt for secondary credentials when Defender RADIUS server is configured as secondary authentication server.
    PRS-315084 Due to race condition on WTS_LOGON Pulse 802.1x Wired connection is prompting for credentials after PC reboot logoff and login
    PRS-314240 On OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) Pulse cannot be un-installed by dragging Pulse icon to trash
    PRS-312285 Pulse Commandline Launcher (PCL) does not work with RSA SecureID
    PRS-282866 Wireless 802.1x: Endpoint drops wireless connection during a VLAN change