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File Date: 18 Mar 2015


Problems Resolved in Pulse5.1R2

Problem Report Number Description

A tunnel cannot be established when running Pulse over a 3G connection in Windows 8.1.

PRS-322849 Pulse is sending a reconnect message every 5 seconds in L2 connection when the user disjoins the domain.
PRS-322752 Garbled characters are displayed when uninstalling Pulse Secure on a Japanese OS client
PRS-322041 Pulse may crash when choosing the option to “Forget Saved Settings” when uninstalling Pulse on a Mac OS X client
PRS-321594 Excessive CPU utilization may be observed when viewing the “About” box with the default Windows 7 theme
PRS-319801 Invalid character/resource string displayed next to the connection when using Chinese language settings
PRS-319255 Pulse 802.1x connections fail when password expiration messages are displayed.
PRS-318525 When using machine authentication AND single user session, changing network type may trigger disconnects.
PRS-315530 Connecting on a cellular data connection may prevent access to protected resources on Windows 8.1.
PRS-309684 Pulse goes into reconnect mode when signing out using the browser with SSL Acceleration enabled
PRS-257980 Pulse Credential Provider tile “Other User” should display the Pulse icon on Windows 7. <—not sure about the garbled text showing in the document 


Known Issues in this release

Problem Report Number Description
PRS-324077 Upgrading through the browser from Pulse 5.0 to 5.1 does not trigger an automatic user reconnection